The Silence – Mayday Parade

This song describes me right now.  Every single line, word, note….it’s like someone took my life right now and put it to music.  Except the kiss part.  Never had my first kiss.

Hold up, getting on a tangent.  Back to the song.

Anyways, I always sing this song.  It’s got good lyrics, good instruments, perfect for rocking out to.  It’s not upbeat, but not overly depressed or slowed. 


Goodbye For Good – Phao

Ahhh Phao.  This is a really good band.  This song is a really good one.  It’s about, in my opinion, telling someone you’re with that you can’t be with them, because of how the relationship is bad for you, person is bad for you, and you know because you have God.  And the pressures of the world are making it worse (“and I can’t give in to the world again”)

The relationship is becoming more important than God (“my God is the one God for me”).  But you still care for the other person in the relationship, but it’s destroying you so you have to let them go, for both your sakes.

It’s really sad, but at the same time, it’s so very true.  The line “My God is the one good thing that I need.” kinda sums things up.  At least for me.